Harvest Reprint  from Sept 1, 2011

Dear Hurried Leader,

Your quality of life might be evaluated in your own ability to enjoy it. If you are racing, running, stressed and heavily pressured, then that is not what is best…and many times will produce spiritual fruit which does not bear the sweet savor of God’s Holy Spirit.

God’s blessing is promised  in Isaiah 56, and Isaiah 58. Very notably God commands His Sabbath Day blessing on all..and His faithful Word declares,

“Even them I will bring to My holy mountain,

And make them joyful in My house of prayer.

Their burnt offerings and their sacrifices

Will be accepted on My altar; “

When we recall the blessings on all persons who keep a Sabbath day apart unto the Lord. Thought this might not the same exact day for every person and if you are a single parent, senior pastor, leader, business entrepreneur, the big leadership stress buck of accountability rests there..many times on top of…you.

And as God Himself is not a legalist, if you and He can section off 4-6 hours for more, less, depending upon your situation..then it is YOUR PURE HEART that really matters. Yet, if with God’s help you can set aside an entire day, then we encourage you strongly to make that choice.

Reminder: We live in the New Testament: while this blessing still applies, it is not intended  as legalism. Everyone has their own schedule, so picking one day must not be etched in religious mindsets: NO set day of the week, with  NO condemnation.

Yet, the Revelation Chapter 2 the good deed, over doing Church of Ephesus was rebuked by the Spirit of God for losing it’s first love. They evidently valued good deeds and serving other people to times alone in the refreshing, restoring presence of the Lord in the Psalm 91 Secret Place.

The Spirit of God realized that dryness comes along with even great human works, daily interactions with  people: this, without time off,  could leave them deeply compassion fatigued, lacking in Christ like caring, empathy.

Some of them, would soon forsake their time along with God and start to rely on man’s formulas for their teaching. Many others would lose their own deep personal intimate relationship  with the Father: the true source of deep divine rivers of revelation.

Father God realized that  body life, lacking in pure kindness, genuine human compassion, and/or leadership sharpened deep perceptive/ discernment skills would eventually dull what had formerly been their  strong leadership cutting edge. “The cares of the world, the pride of life, the love of other many different types of things” would then make the Lampstand dry, mentally hard, religious and very ineffective. The prior cutting edge would create a hardened, emotionally rough, even tough biting edge which would then make the formerly good name of Jesus appear unattractive.

All of this combined, would use the name of God in vain, as rather than the local assembly radiating a “sweet smelling humble savor” the weary, dry, over working Lampstand would actually represent  a poor witness of the risen Christ to the local people.

Although the command to take a Sabbath as unto the Lord is in Isaiah 56, 58, it is  practical as well as soul prospering and in many levels, even life preserving.
But, removing oneself from the hubbub of busy daily real life requires an act of one’s own will. In Organic Christ Following Community speak: De clutter, Simplify, Go Back to the Restful Peace of the Organic Garden least in the SPIRIT and the PRESENCE of the Father.

The Lord realizes the human big toll from  ministry big pressure and family, personal leadership sacrifice. Therefore instead of harshly forcing us to take a Sabbath apart, He in New Testament sense, uses it to bless, preserve and restore.

In Senior Leadership: Let us ALL Go Green with Father God:We’ve got to get back to Gods’ Garden *

(*in organic de-stressed simplified peace, deep rest, strength, wellness, thriving)

Dr. Taveau D’Arcy

(C) 2011 Dr. Taveau D’Arcy All copyrights reserved under international law


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