Let’s Re-Think “Taking a Sabbath”


This blog was first posted in Nov 25, 2012.

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Dear Reader, 

The following verse contains a PROMISE for each person, leader or lay, from every nation, who carves time apart from all their leader doings, busy schedule, to “Come Apart” in a Sabbath Day -“First Love” God honoring, leader refreshing, ongoing RELATIONSHIP with the Risen Lord.

“Even them I will bring to My holy mountain,
And make them joyful in My house of prayer.
Their burnt offerings and their sacrifices
Will be accepted on My altar;
For My house shall be called a house of prayer for all nations.” Isaiah 56:7

MINISTRY PRINCIPLE:  “Being All KNOWING does not necessarily mean that one is all LOVING.

Let both the writer’s and each reader’s main Goal: to be a part of theRevelation 3 True Bride, known  as the Overcoming Philadelphian “Enduring Love Walk” End Time Church.

MOTTO? “To know the love of God which passes knowledge” Ephesians 3:1

Here is the overview of another scripture which the Lord impresses me is for senior office leaders. It follows after repeated OCFC Fresh Words (now in archives on http://www.OCFCleader.TV web channel) Amos 3:7 “Digging Deeper Apostolically” Parts 1-4. In fact, God has downloaded to this writer several extremely sober, one -two somber, leader directed pointed words. **honestly this AMOS 3:7 VIDEO SERIES would be way back in our postead archive..in 2012 BUT worth trying to find)

SUBMITTED LEADER SELAH if the Holy Bible teaches,  in both the Old and New Testaments,  that “judgement (meaning NON ACCUSATIVE SELF JUDGING) begins in the house of God,” then WHERE in each House of God would this imply that all NON ACCUSATIVE SELF JUDGING truly begin?

The writer believes that this is a top leader process, but it also pertains to everyone else under his /her spiritual charge.

And the pioneering apostolic writer also includes her doing her own self judging as the pioneering founder, head of THIS leader ministry.


Repeatedly, over the last ministry 5 pioneering years, God has often impressed upon the writer  the extreme importance of EACH pastor, apostle, prohet, evangelist, and teacher, (and all other leaders) periodically REMOVING THEMSELF from their apostolic work for a refreshing, non legalistic, Sabbath. (Please read Isaiah 56 and Isaiah 58 in their context)

And while this is NOT to be viewed legalistically, as we are now living PAST the LEGAL REQUIREMENTS, and now living under granted great grace through the atoning blood of the Risen Christ,   the writer believes that a PRINCIPAL of honoring a Sabbath LEADER TIME apart from our work will reap the COMMANDED BLESSINGS mentioned in Isaiah 56 and 58.


Moses received the 10 Commandments from the Lord, the second one being to REMEMBER THE SABBATH DAY, TO KEEP IT SET APART AND HOLY TO THE LORD (Exodus 2:20)

Yet we no longer abide under the Old Testament Legalistic Law. And today we are not advocating that any person take a step backward.

Following  is another important scripture that God has repeatedly impressed as one of His Present Day Words for mature pioneering 5 fold leaders.

“Even them I will bring to My holy mountain,
And make them joyful in My house of prayer.
Their burnt offerings and their sacrifices
Will be accepted on My altar;
For My house shall be called a house of prayer for all nations.” Isaiah 56:7


The Book of Isaiah is set in the midst of the following historical, spiritual conditional context:

Isaiah is written to God’s leaders who are living in the midst of spiritual mixture. They are warned that while God is truly desiring to send his strong, burden breaking anointing (Isaiah 27:10)to free them from the yoke brought by the fierce Assyrians, that due to their own compromise, such as following foreign influences, that by their own choices, it is leaving Him unwilling, unable to truly move.

Read Isaiah chapters 1-10 (for context).

NOTE the sober, holy conviction of the national prophet Isaiah who has His own experience passing before the awesome fear of the Lord: Chapter 6.

NOTE: that that the vision of God’s 7 Spirits then follows: Isaiah 11:2

NOTE: the prophecy regarding the spiritual ongoing fruit of the character of Messiah, Jesus Christ, Yeshua,’ never enables the accuser:Isaiah 11:3

Back to Isaiah 56 (and also mentioned in Isaiah 58, aka “the God’s chosen fast” chapter: The leadership honoring their Maker God by keeping His sabbath.


Isaiah 56 the entire context for Isaiah 56:7,

“Even them I will bring to My holy mountain,
And make them joyful in My house of prayer.
Their burnt offerings and their sacrifices
Will be accepted on My altar;
For My house shall be called a house of prayer for all nations.” Isaiah 56:7

Basic Chapter 56 Non Legalistic Overview

The author reminds the reader that we are now living under the New Testament nonLevitical overview. So that whenever we mention “taking a Sabbath” the writer means “NON LEGALISTICALLY” as in every single person needs to consult with the Lord about HOW, WHEN to carve out “time apart” to honor God in a sabbath day, First Love Focus, Psalm 91 Secret Place get away to honor, to show due respect, to admire and truly love and to receive, hear back from God.

And due to the real acknowledgment, that if one is a top pioneering senior leader, the “buck stops here.” implying that if workers, staff and volunteers fail to show up, then  YOU are left to do their work, then one must realize that “taking a Sabbath” in a consistent manner is not always permitted by problems, unforeseen situations. And  this is why the author invites each reader to go to the Lord personally to enlist His wisdom, help in “coming away” to be with the Beloved.

The Basic Idea for Isaiah 56:7 Time Apart from Work, Schedules, Business, etc:


“Even them I will bring to My holy mountain”

The Mountain of the Lord is the symbol for the place of meeting directly with God, as prophet Moses did when he “knew God’s ways, rather than just “his hand.”
And make them joyful in My house of prayer.

Coming in to work, office, ministry will no longer be a “chore.” There will be brand new JOY in the Journey and ongoing abiding rest, satisfaction.

For mature intercessors, there will be less super sensitivity, overly super serious, over introspection, but rather a new light hearted deep playful real JOY.

*Thus taking time off from ALWAYS being “deep in the prayer closet” is similar to a pastor, leader taking time apart to lighten up with time with God, family and recreation as led by time apart with the Lord.
“Their burnt offerings and their sacrifices
Will be accepted on My altar.”

Meaning: all the difficult days, hard pioneering work, sacrifice, putting up with difficult people, intense warfare, extreme testings, and also personal offerings of time, money and one’s own Life will be well regarded by the Lord who watches not just ‘our Good Works” but places more emphasis on our Motives.
“For My house shall be called a house of prayer for all nations.” 

The writer apostolically submits that all pioneering 5 fold ministers who put God ahead of pioneering work will never “lose their First Love” and thus remain in true communion with the Lord, in touch with family, with them self and will never be rebuked as “losing their First Love” (as the Holy Spirit rebuked the Lampstand in Revelation 3)

The First Love Leader will never become spiritually /mentally calloused, will remain filled with the perceptive, compassion of the noncritical, non accuser enabling Messiah (Isaiah 11:3). He /she will never accidentally succumb to the I Samuel 1 Compassion Fatigued, Quick to Snap Judge High Priest Eli Leader Syndrome.” *

* I Samuel 1: Eli High Priesthood

the surely seasoned, middle aged, well versed, leader experienced High Priest Eli, was taking a break outside when  he spied the grieving weeping Hannah shaking with sorrow on the temple steps. Rather than immediately rising up in human compassion to wonder, “what is wrong with that female,” the weary, jaded priest accused her of “being drunk.” (formula /reasoning/stereotyping brought on by a dry spiritual heart, weary “I’ve seen it all and know it all by now” hardened dull, imperceptive, work formula” apostolic leader mind.)

For  My house shall be called a house of prayer for all nations.” 
The real Season of the New God Move is soon upon us. The House of God must be a spiritually safe, emotionally healthy and mature accepting Sanctuary.

It must not regard any kinds of persons with a “respecter of some persons” spirit based on appearance, outer court skin color, gender , or socioeconomic, or appearance, age, ministry stereotyping, as in bias.


The widespread “accepted in Christ’s beloved (Ephesians 1:6) pervasive inclusivity, respectful real compassionate giving leader Love will then draw in a God mixture of persons from all races, nations and cultures.

There must be no racism, genderism, agism DISRESPECT but rather a REAL RESPECT for many different types of God made Humans,  albeit in the “holy fear of the Lord.” thus enabling the Houses of God to resemble” a house of prayer for all nations.
THUS this “accepting compassionate, warm, humble,  inclusiveness” models “Genuine Love” an over all reputation in a community, apostolic leadership sense (scent, aroma) that conveys,

“You will know they are Christians by their Love.”
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Blessings Dear Reader!

Acts 10:38 teaches that the Messiah, Jesus Christ, “went about doing GOOD, healing all who were oppressed by the devil.”

And much of the world  accepts that a gentle baby was born,and as long as we represent Him as continually being “meek and mild” NOBODY seems to ever get upset.

And NOW A DAYS this even includes “Christ follower believers ” and also  certain pastor leader entire groups of senior pioneering/apostolic leadership.( Significant Selah)

However, MANY readers, and also hopefully this writer,  are perceptive and DISCERNING.  We actually take ownership that Jesus Christ actually GREW UP and faced many CHALLENGES. And that He was not always the “Sweet Baby Jesus.”

Jesus also grew up, hit his thumb on some days in his carpenter shop. He had do deal with all of his 4-5 siblings, perhaps the death of his earthly father, and then be clearly AWARE that all around the tiny confines of His own region, that as a growing senior pioneering minister, that He was being gossiped about all around.

And there were Jesus happy, loving, peaceful normal (earthly) days but there were His surely MANY days of perceiving that He was accused, deemed by the religious community as needing to be WATCHED due to being SUSPECT.

JESUS also was a true Prophet’s Apostolic SEER PERCEIVER non religious PROPHET, who could “discern the thoughts and the intentions of (all) men’s human hearts.”

And of course, the Accuser, and the surely ENORMOUS spiritual warfare alone was often such that the earthly,  normal human pastors, prophet, 5 fold office, may have been even permanently  distracted, dramatically affected so as to be left powerless and emotionally/physically, financially, personally, even DESTROYED.

However, Christ Jesus was not confined by earthly human thinking: rather JESUS discerned and perceived the many REALMS of life in both the natural and the supernatural.

He also realized His ongoing big need  to prioritize FIRST LOVE ongoing quiet time relationship periods ALL ALONE with His Chief Apostolic Creator, Supernatural Father.

And daily He had to seek time apart in prayer, surely asking His Father, on how He was supposed to handle each one of them.

we also find Him on occasion entering into the temple and in an act of righteous anger, rebukes the priest and by tossing over the temple money maker’s fine tables, also the Big Legalistic Business System.

And with MOST modern day Christ Followers understanding that one of the main  Jesus practices was /is “turning the other cheek.”

So WHEN is one supposed to RISE UP and TAKE A RIGHTEOUS STAND and when is one supposed to TURN THE OTHER CHEEK and immediately,enduringly, unconditionally , truly FORGIVE?

Many years back I walked through my local grocery store. There on a book rack was a Christian couples book with the interesting (to ME Selah) title, “When to SPEAK UP and When to SHUT UP.” And I was so captivated by the book title alone I purchased it for about $3.95, yet could not ever get into reading it, but have repeatedly used that amazing title in SELAH ministry and personal realistic thought.

When recently repeatedly encountering grass roots pioneering very small modern day (supposedly mature Christ Following) Temple Pioneers, and  3-5 times finding that now days many of God’s own people cannot discern the difference between asking someone to go help you confront a deceptive, fellow pioneering leader, and will label the one who has had a valuable ministry possession removed from their premises, but then hides and ducks to avoid returning it (a digital piano, replacement value now $1500.) yet instead gets labeled “you have UNFORGIVENESS” and “baggage” SIMPLY for contacting their senior ministry fellowship oversight to ask them to go with you to help Matthew 18:15-18 BIBLE UP FRONT CONFRONT.

The utter shocking fact was that then the OVER SIGHT also duck, hid and even used their group power to put up a block so that the NON ACCUSATIVE but Bible wholly yielded fellow peer, who was not going to chastise, be overly emotional (!!) but realistically stand up, abide by God’s Holy Word and follow IT’S Protocol. Which, in implementing apostolic Bible up front confrontation would be also holding the senior leader perpetrator personally ACCOUNTABLE.

From the writer’s past in depth, many decades in dealing with senior pastor’s and fellow senior ministers, in other parts of the country, this was always an understood, accurately discerned mature PRACTICE.

Yet as the writer discovered, in at least SOME regions, there is so much PC polite political correctness among pioneering MINISTRY that it strongly appears that at least a few (?) pastors, ministers, are now avoiding ANY Bible leader practice that is NOT “happy, sweet Baby Jesus” and “winds up with ME getting “Blessed!”

So the writer has often remembered 1) Sweet Loving Baby Jesus in the Manger whom each of us realized would grow up to advise each of us to “forgive unconditionally” and “Turn the Other Cheek.” 2) Jesus up front confronting the temple money big religious System” by tossing over it’s money maker tables.

Hence: WHEN does each reader and always this writer, resemble CHRIST as we face trying, even hard to discern HOW TO ACT, what God would have us truly DO, apostolic TIMES?

Thus accepting, non emotional, writer, was recalls the TITLE of that book and asked the Heavenly Father for clear direction.

WHEN to RISE UP and non accusatively SPEAK UP and practice 1) Matthew 18:15-20 Bible Up Front Confrontation / when to assert one’s self to take a MORAL LEADERSHIP (unpopular) STAND /When is it ok to display what the Bible terms, “righteous anger”

OR 2) How do we know when we are to accept, to TURN THE OTHER CHEEK, to lay really low, and in humility, apostolic meekness, simply accept that God will take vengeance, perform ultimate JUSTICE: but in HIS time.

Bible Confrontation: Matthew 18:15-18

Turn the Other Cheek:

Righteous anger

What is SIN NOT

What is being accused of being UNFORGIVENESS when you ask another leader to go with you to UP FRONT CONFRONT but they judge you as “having unforgiveness” “acting mean” “having unrighteous big anger?”

WE intentionally allow YOU to hear from the Lord…and close with all of this OPEN ENDED…
Mighty Blessings!
Your Sister, Dr Taveau

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